Dauphin Isalnd beach

A Master List of vital weather data links, online.

"No one is as keenly interested in weather than folks who live on an island." JH

  • East End of Dauphin Island data, NOAA
  • Fort Morgan data, NOAA
  • Mobile Middle Bay Light House, Dauphin Island Sea Lab
  • Eastern Shore, Mobile Bay, Fairhope Yacht Club
  • Buoy, 64 NM south of DI
  • Buoy, 12 NM south of Orange Beach
  • Mobile Bay "Port" (N0AA) Conditions
  • Marine Forcast Mobile Bay area
  • Dr. Bill's Marine Weather, University of South Alabama
  • Dauphin Island Weather Conditions and Forcast, WunderGround Weather
  • Tropical Weather, WunderGround Weather
  • Satellite Image of Gulf
  • Mobile Bay NOAA Radar
  • Regional/Gulf Radar from IntelliCast Weather
  • DI Tide Tables, 2011, NOAA

  • Wunderground Weather/Tropical
  • AccuWeather Tropical
  • US Navy Cyclone Page
  • National Wea Service/Atlantic Cyclone activity
  • Storm distance caculator
  • Crown Weather Service
  • Golden Triangle Weather
  • NOAA Coastal Storms Program... NOAA Regional Team...Gulf of Mexico Alliance - Almost Everything on Storm Weather -

  • Note: These are severe weather links I use when serious weather is in the making. I use the WunderGround page to quickly get the hurricane "computer models" for each named storm. I use AccuWeather to get another perspective from an independent commercial company. The US Navy Cyclone page gives still again another perspective on predictions. The NOAA cyclone/tropical page gives the official government predictions. The Golden Triangle Weather page is done by a guy in Texas and he has tons of data all on one page, just scroll down until you see something of interest. Crown Weather Service is similar to Golden Triangle with lots of data from several sources. The FSU page gives you a composit of computer models. On the LSU offshore page, oil industry platforms and NOAA bouys offshore data can be accessed. It is a bit difficult to navigate, first select a station. On the popup, click on the top line, load another page, then select Meteorological Observations to get current data. jhall@SouthernWebsites.com