Lake Loop Trail (Green Trail) This trail takes the visitor through the maritime forest, where the dominant plants are Loblolly Pine, Slash Pine, Live Oak, Southern Magnolia, and Tupelo Gum. It leads from the parking lot to Gaillard Lake, where turtles, an occasional alligator, and wading birds can be seen. Pond View Trail (Yellow Trail) This trail can be reached from the Lake Loop Trail as it reaches Gaillard Lake. It follows the western edge of the lake. Those wanting to go further can cross the Dune Edge Trail at the southwestern comer of the lake and take a boardwalk to the beach. Campground Trail (Red Trails) This tail starts at the campground and enters the Sanctuary through a pedestrian only entrance. It joins up with the Lake Loop Trail, 150 yards away fromGaillard Lake. It covers the same habitat as the Lake Loop Trail. Dune Edge Trail (Blue Trail) All the species of old growth which can be seen along the Pond View Trail can also be seen along this trail, as well as traces of the old dune which spills over into the forest. This trail runs from the Swamp Overlook all the way along the dune and passes the southern end of Gaillard Lake. Swamp Overlook Trail. This is a short trail leading from the Banding Area to an overlook at the swamp.